Today it is about tourism and culture
May 28, 2021

Brasov supports the projects of the German-Romanian Society in Pforzheim

Every year he organizes the DRG – German-Romanian Society e.V – German-Romanian Society in Pforzheim, on the initiative of the association’s board under the direction of Dr. Oana Krichbaum, who is also elected as a municipal councilor (CDU) in Pforzheim. Proceeds from the sale and sale of Romanian products will be donated to the association “Menschen in Not” / “People in Difficulty”.

In recent years this humanitarian action has been organized by Romania Day in the presence of HE Ambassador Emil Hurezeanu. This year, due to the pandemic, an indoor event was canceled on December 1st. no longer possible and the members of the association mobilized in an exemplary manner and on 12.12. organized the Romanian stand at the Fliegermarkt in Pforzheim.

As every year, Brașov, represented by Mr. Cristian Macedonschi, took part in this campaign with special products donated by Sergiana, Mama Cozonacilor and the partner association “Smart City Brașov” from Brașov.

The products brought from Brasov, the sausages, gingerbread and organic honey were in great demand and the citizens of Brasov made a significant contribution to the donation of the Romanian association from Pforzheim through their sales.

“Even though we are going through this difficult time of the pandemic, I am very happy that I managed to be there in Pforzheim this year and to support this beautiful campaign by the Romanian community here. Every year I proudly participate and on these occasions I promote the traditions, hospitality and gastronomy of Brasov in Germany and through such humanitarian actions we generate positive news about Romanians in diaspora and Romania in particular. Our country must be perceived abroad as an excellent European destination, both in terms of tourism and economic investment, said Cristian Macedonschi, President of the Smart City Brasov Association and an active member of the German-Romanian Society in Pforzheim.

In addition to the products from Brașov, the members of the association also brought Romanian cakes, jams, pastries and syrups that they had made to support this action.

All products offered were sold in less than 5 hours and generated a total of 1,500 euros, which was donated to the German association “Menschen in Not / People in Difficulty”.

“With such actions we want to make known the wonderful Romanian products on the one hand, and on the other hand to demonstrate the generous spirit and solidarity of our members towards people with problems and people deeply affected by the crisis. I would like to thank all sponsors and partners for the generosity with which they help us every year to promote the positive image of Romania. A special surprise was the gingerbread personalized with the logo of our organization. Following this action, we managed to collect the amount of 1,500 euros, which we will donate to the association “People in Need”.

I want all Romanians abroad to be true ambassadors of our country, to contribute to the promotion of tourism and Romanian food culture, as well as to break down prejudices that unfortunately still exist,” said the President of the German-Romanian Society in Pforzheim, Ms. Oana Krichbaum.

For this special action to promote Romanian values and products in Germany, the Tourism Working Group of the RePatriot Association, coordinated by Mr. Dragos Anastasiu, and the Romanian Hotel Industry Association, headed by Mr. Călin Ile, announced that they will join Ms. Oana Krichbaum with her family a 3-day stay in Romania in one of the member hotels of the association, according to the motto:

“No good deed without proper reward” received.

Article published today in the German press:,-Wichtiges-Zeichen